Company profile

REGONIK ltd. provides development, design, production, supplies and assembling of measuring, regulation, information and safety technologies.
The company has been established in 1992 by long time-experienced specialists for analogue and digital electronics. More specialized orientation of our company falls into supply of technologies for rolling stock cars, where technical potential of the company allows to realize complex projects meeting current standards and customer requirements.

Regulation Systems:

An intelligent and modular HVAC control/regulation system allows to equip any type of new passenger coaches as well as provide professional solution for any refurbishment project of existing cars. With the new generation of programmable modular regulation systems we can effectively ensure the thermal comfort for passengers including electronic air quality monitoring. For comfortable diagnostic purposes the system is equiped with remote diagnostic feature using GSM and GPS services. This eliminates the requirement of any on-site assistance.

Information Systems:

Variety of professional solutions for simple or complex passenger information system with various audio and video peripherals (incl. public address system) will satisfy any customer ambition. The In-Train communication solutions are represented by various types of passenger communication units depending from its designation.

Safety Systems:

In the field of emergency and passenger safety we provide systems meeting all current standards and requirements. It is represented mainly by the Emergency brake override system and Intelligent Door blocking units.

Diagnostic Systems:

Our train diagnostic systems can provide helpful support in the field of rolling stock maintenance. We are producing Testers of brake functions for locomotives + coupled cars and Testers of UIC train cables. All-in-one devices bringing easy of use and efficient cost saving for customers.

Train Cables:

We provide Flexible supplies of special UIC communication and braking cables. We can provide ANY length of 2-, 9-, 16- and 18-core UIC cables with best price guarantee.

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Czech Raildays 2017
4. May 2017

Let us invite you to the 18th  international fair of railway technology and services Czech Raildays 2017 which will take place in Ostrava during 13.6.2017 –  15.6.2017.

Please visit our booth C09 as part of the outdoor exhibition.

InnoTrans 2016
7. September 2016

Let us invite you to visit the international fair of railway technology and services InnoTrans 2016 which will take place in Berlin during 20.9.2016 – 23.9.2016.

Please visit our booth No. 202 located in the Hall 11.2 of Messe Berlin fairground where you will have the oportunity to see the best from our production.

ISO Certification
1. December 2015

Our company was successfully recertified in ISO 9001/2011 with TUV NORD.

Brakes control unit BRB
5. April 2011

For locomotives series 757 was developed a modular block MRB01 containing train radio and brakes components, and was successfully tested  on the testing track VÚŽ ČR.