Intercom INK081


Interkom REGONIK INK 081 is designed for ŠKODA 15T tramways, though its construction allows broad utilisation in other vehicles of mass transportation of persons or, as a communication facility in buildings, production halls, as an aloud doorkeeper, anyplace where increased mechanical resistance is required and where a number of 8 loud speaking circuit units is sufficient.

Interkom REGONIK INK081 is a kit consisting of 3 basic units:

  • loud speaking circuit unit REGONIK HHJ21

is designed for passenger area, where the passenger, after pushing the respective button, is able to make a call to the driver while the green indication of operational stage is on. Over the push button, lined up, are: red LED indication of engaged communication line (an instruction not to ask for connection), yellow LED indication of ringing to a driver (instruction to wait for connection) and green LED indication of successful connection to a driver (instruction to speak). On the upper part of the panel, a firm pressed perforated grid of the loudspeaker, while in a lower part a smooth perforated grid of the microphone are placed.

  • driver loud speaking unit REGONIK HJV20

is designed for installation into horizontal, inclined or vertical wall. It should be located in ergonomically
reachable grasp of the driver. The unit is placed into adapted plastic body of a house telephone, that consists of two parts: the base and a micro telephone. A magnet strengthens the hanger of a laid-down on base micro telephone, in order to become resistant against dynamic strain from vibrations and impacts. The electronic plate is built into the base. Two 7- segment LED displays are placed on the front panel.

  • Carriage loud speaking switchboard REGONIK VHU21

is designed to be installed in arbitrary position, in a shielded ventilated area, (e.g. distributor). It has neither controls nor indicating elements. The switchboard is ensuring the power supply and controlling of the driver’s loud speaking unit; power supply, control and permanent testing of loud speaking units, it allows 1 to 8 of them to be connected.
Red „ERROR“ displays number of loud speaking units that are marked as faulty, according to the switchboard. Green „ACTIVE“ displays operating stage of the INTERCOM (middle horizontal segment is shining) or, the number of a loud speaking unit, from which a call request to a driver has been signalized. Call request is signalized acoustically by interrupted tone of a piezo siren. The communication is controlled by the driver. By lifting the micro telephone he accepts a call request, the switchboard switches on the communication route and blocks remaining loud speaking units (turns on the red LED). The call is finished, when the driver puts the micro telephone down, the switchboard interrupts the communication route as well as blocking of the loud speaking units.

Technical parameters:

  • operational supply voltage 24V undirectional -30 % +25%
  • supply voltage polarity reversing protection up to 80V
  • input power max.30W
  • operational temperature -25°C ÷ +40°C
  • size of the units with connecting slots (w,h,d)
    • HHJ21 104x240x56
    • HJV20 84x214x57(+70)
    • VHU21 129x202x55
  • weight of the units without accessories
    • HHJ21 1,5kg
    • HJV20 0,5kg
    • VHU21 1,2kg

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