Remoter interlocking of DBH03 signalizer


The remote interlocking of the REGONIK DBH03 signalizer is a unit designed for adjusting the source of an acoustic signal , such as a digital signalizer on a data transition 13 or 18 wire of the UIC line in a railway carriage. For the source of the acoustic signal it provides:

  • blocking of the operation
  • signal support
  • adjustments according to the UIC568 code protocol for announcements.


In case of the entire train being interconnected by the 13 or 18 wire line, the REGONIK DBH01 unit watches and evaluates the status of number 7-8 wires of the continuous wire line. If the announcement channel is available, i. e. there´s no voltage on the number 7,8 pair, it enables the start signal to come through to the signalizer. When the signalizer starts running, it generates the service condition signals and priority signals on the number 5-6 and 7-8 pairs, thereby occupying the announcements channel in the train, disabling the program channel and preventing a connection of any other source of announcement.. It gradually adjusts the low-frequency output of the indicator, balances and galvanically separately connects to the number 1,2 pair.

The DBH01 unit doesn´t have any control nor signal components:

Technical parameters:

  • operational supply voltage 16,8 to 32V
  • Maximum waving of the supply voltage for 24Vjs max.8Všš
  • input power without load max. 0,1W
  • transmission bandwith 100Hz to 10kHz, by Uvy2V/600
  • nominal input/output voltage 2Vef
  • self-supporting all-metal construction surface-zinc coated
  • attachment of the WAGO connector
  • operational temperature -30°C to +6O°C
  • Size: h=30, w=100, d=100mm
  • weight 0,3kg

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