Compact train radio switchboard RRU250C, VRU250C, SRU250C


TRAIN RADIO SWITCHBOARDS REGONIK XRU250C are compact switchboards designed for railroad track vehicles, compact engine and electrical units for sound distribution in the spaces for passengers. They are fully compliant with the UIC568 standard and meet all the EN 50151 standard requirements.


The compact panelled second generation radio switchboard REGONIK provides a modernized replacement of the first generation Regonik switchboards. According to the UIC568 it is possible to build:

  • a locomotive radio switchboard RRU250C,
  • a car radio switchboard VRU250C,
  • a service radio switchboard SRU250C.

There is a master telephone set with control and signal elements of the radio switchboard on the front panel of the switchboard and a DIN-6 socket for connection of the MP3 indicator. The WAGO type connecting contacts for connection of the power supply are on the hindside , for 8+1 wires of the continuos information line according to UIC558, for program input from the car radio or other source and a 9-polar SUB-D socket with signals according to the UIC568 standard for for mobile music and speech device. The switchboard has to be installed in a suitable place where the conductors have access. If needed, it is possible to install the switchboard separately into the fuseboard and the control telephone device on an ergonomically accessible place. Provided that the whole train is connected with a continuous line according to the UIC558 standard and equipped with radio devices according to the UIC568 standard, the switchboard in the particular car of such train allows the personell of the train to:

  • set and make a telephone call with the personell of the train
  • broadcast an announcement for the passengers. A tripple tone gong precedes the announcement
  • the radio switchboard can broadcast the announcements either to the whole train or only to the local car (setting by the address switch „car/train“)
  • the priority signal is automatically generated along with the announcement, it intercepts the eventual broadcasting of the program channel, switches the announcement on and sets the volume to maximum with no respect to the settings of the program volume controllers (the so called forced broadcast)
  • send the „MUTE“ siganl to the neighboring controlled amplifiers in the car itself during the annpouncement, to prevent the unwanted acoustic feedback.
  • connect the mobile music and speech device according to the chapter 4 of the UIC568s standard with the 8-polar connector according to the attachement 3 of the UIC568 standard

In addition to the UIC568 standard recommendation the REGONIK VRU250C switchboard allows you to:

  • connect directly (without the 8-polar UIC-connector) a car radio, a music player, or an other source of the program signal (music, recorded text, etc.)
  • address the broadcasted program to the whole train or only to the locar car
  • set automatically the volume for the local car according to the overall noise in the car near the switchboard
  • change the setting of the mutual banning, the connection establishment and priorities according to the customer needs even in a way different from the UIC standard reccomendation (e.g.: for city transport, mountain railway, etc.), done by the simple software modification via the accessible programming connector

The control telephone device is equipped with these control and signal elements:

  • “S” – the car/train switch for addressing the announcement
  • “C” – the button for communication with the head office (train chief)
  • “L” – the button for communication with the locomotive (engine-driver)
  • “A” – the button for broadcasting the announcement
  • LED “AOC” – the signalling of the line occupation with the announcement
  • LED “TOC” – the signalling of the occupation of the telephone
  • “HC” – the button for activation of the microphone on the handset
  • “GU” – the switch on the handset for the idle state
  • LED “C” – the signalling for communication with the hed office „C“
  • LED “L” – the signalling for communication with the locomotive (engine driver) „L“
  • LED-“A” – the signalling of the active state of the „A“ button
  • LED „AOC“ – the signalling of the line occupation with the announcement
  • LED “POC” – the signalling of the line occupation with the program
  • LED “PON” – the signalling of the emergency „ON“ state
  • LED “ERR” – the signalling of an error in the power supply
  • “PGM” – the car/train switch for addressing of the program

Technical parameters:

  • operating voltage 16,8 to 32V
  • maximal voltage fluctuation at 24Vjs max.8V
  • power consumption of the system without the load is max. 1W
  • symetrical, galvanically separated car radio input, input impedance min 20 kOhm
  • nominal input voltage for car radio: 300mV to 6,2V, adjustable
  • asymetrical input for MP3- indicator
  • nominal input voltage for MP3-indicator: 20 mV to 50 mV
  • input for musical instrument symetrical, input impedance 200hm
  • preliminary impedance for the UIC1,2 input is 10kOhm/1car
  • nominal input voltage for UIC1,2 is 2,0V
  • distance of the signal/noise of the pre-amplifier is min.60dB in case of a short circuit input for the microphone
  • nominal output voltage measured on the line outputs is 2,0V
  • entry for the microphone, MP3-indicator and the program equipped with limiter
  • change in output voltage max. +1dB when the input voltage changes by +35dB
  • ingress time constant 0,01s
  • digress time constant 1,0s
  • harmonic distortion max.0,5%
  • frequence characteristic of the pre-amplifier 300hZ ÷ 8kHz ±3dB
  • output lines:
    • the car internal line(AUDIO), asymmetrical with automatic regulation
    • the train (UIC), symmetrical min. 45dB
  • nominal output voltage 2,0V (0dB)
  • output resistance of the line amplifier AUDIO 3-level -12dB, -6dB, 0dB,
  • individually adjustable according to the noise level
  • harmonic distirtion og the microphone and program path measured on line outputs in in the 300Hz to 8kHz range, by the output voltage 2V, without the effect of the limiter max. 0,3%
  • nominal output voltage of the terminal nf-amplifier 5,0 V
  • maximum output of the terminal nf-amplifier 50VA / 0,5 Ohm, sinus
  • over heating and short circuit protection of the of the performance nf-amplifier output
  • protection against the change of polarity of the power supply voltage up to 80V
  • protection of the switchboards against overvoltage over 36V
  • connection points of the WAGO clamps for Cu wires 0,75 ÷ 2,5 mm2
  • operative temperature –30°C to +60°C
  • proportions: h =330, w =140, d =120
  • weight 3kg

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