Compartment output amplifier OZW23


Compartment output amplifiers REGONIK OZW23 are designed to amplify the low-frequency signal of the REGONIK broadcasting switchboards with integrated volume control, for the loudspeakers placed in a compartment of a passenger carriage. They are a part of the Train broadcasting system REGONIK VRZ23, which fulfils the conditions of the international UIC 568 standard.

The original solution of the REGONIK company consists in the allocation of the overall low-frequency output necessary for the vehicle, into small and simple controlled nf output amplifiers 3VA or 1VA, that are placed as close to the loudspeakers as possible. They make use of the voltage-controlled output amplifier (VCA), whose amplification can be controlled by a change of the undirectional CONTROL voltage. A MUTE function securing (muting for eliminating the acoustic feedback) has been added to the amplifier at the required places in the train, for securing the unification and universality of an amplifier with a volume control. It is possible to choose the required functions of the amplifier by the right connection of the contacts of the connector.

The advantages of allocating the output to more amplifiers are:

  • • simple volume control without any interfering events
    • very little output losses on line wires
    • simple and effective filtering out the unwanted interfering signals
    • easy prevention of the acoustic feedback
    • negligible decrease of the overall output when one of the amplifiers is damaged or malfunctioning
    • preserving the functionality of the broadcasting device if multiple amplifiers ale damaged or malfunctionig

Technical parameters:

  • operational supply voltage 24V undirectional from an isolated transducer
  • output power of the amplifier adjustable to 1VA/8 Ohm, or 3VA/8 Ohm
  • asymmetric input of the amplifier
  • input resistance min.40kOhm
  • nominal input nf voltage 2,0V
  • load resistance min. 8 Ohm
  • harmonic distortion max. 1%
  • signal/noise interval with short-circuited input better than 60dB
  • frequency response 100Hz to 10kHz ±3dB
  • secured protection of the amplifiers´output against a short circuit
  • secured protection against reversal of the poles of supply voltage
  • input control:
    • input voltage 0,07V÷4,5V
    • protection of input up to 32V
  • operating temperature -30°C to +60°C
  • size h=120, w=75, d=40 (without admissions)
  • weight 0,3kg without accessories

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