Train broadcasting switchboard VRU21C/CK, SRU21C/CK, RRU21C/CK

Carriage broadcasting switchboards REGONIK VRU21C and VRU21CK are designed for use in all types of railway carriages (large space carriages, as well as compartment, sleeper, dining, …).
VRU21C a VRU21CK switchboards together with REGONIK OZW23 output amplifiers, REGONIK RZW23 controlled output amplifier and REGONIK RHR20 volume regulator form a kit of elements of the REGONIK VRZ21 train broadcasting unit.

The switchboard is a basic element of a train broadcasting appliance. The VRU21C switchboard is compact. There is a telephone with control and signal elements of the switchboard, on the front panel of VRU21C. VRU21CK is a two-piece switchboard. It allows a separate installation. The large body of the VRU21CK switchboard can for example be placed in a fuseboard box and it´s control telephone VTP21K, which is considerably smaller, can be installed at an ergonomically more convenient place.
The other elements of the broadcasting device, their number and arrangement, are designed according to the required function of broadcast for the given carriage. The modular character of the VRZ21 makes it possible to design the sound distribution in carriages in a way that meets the requirements of the UIC568 code, while allowing to meet special requirements too.
Ústredne VRU21C a VRU21CK plne vyhovujú požiadavkám UIC568 a majú ešte navyše:

  • a socket for a portable signalizer (MP3 player) with the possibility to automatically turn on the broadcast with inserting the sock plug of the signalizer into the socket,
  • an input for an independent source of monophonic program signal (car radio, player, …)
  • the possibility to automatically turn on the broadcast of the program from the moment the source of the program is switched on,
  • the possibility to address a custom program to the local carriage or to the entire train,
  • an automatic, three-level volume regulation of the broadcast in a local carriage (-6dB, -3dB, 0dB), controlled by the noise (under 70dBa, over 70dBa, over 80dBa) from the back side of the switchboard, with the possibility to set the noise sensitivity in the ± 10dB range at the installation.

Constructional design

VRU21C and VRU21CK switchboards have a panel structure. The surface of the metal parts is treated and they are are corrosion proof. Electronic circuits are installed on the plates of the printed circuits in metal boxes on the back side of the panel. All the control elements of the switchboard are placed on the REGONIK VTP21 or VTP21K train telephone. VRU21C has a VTP21 telephone wired in on the front panel.
VRU21CK only has a socket for the VTP21K telephone cable on its front panel. The VTP21K telephone is installed on a metal console, whence comes a cable with a plug to the switchboard. If the customer requests it, it is possible to provide a telephone device without the console. Then it only has a plug with locking matrices from underside of the base. A connecting cable to the switchboard panel is connected to the plug.
VTP21 and VTP21K telephone includes a removable handset with a HC speech button and an iron anchor of the magnetic suspension. There is a handset bed, with a craddle GU switch for hung position and a magnet for the anchor of the suspension, in the base of the telephone.
All the other controls are located to the right of the bed at the base of the telephone. The outer parts of the telephone base and the handset are made of plastic. They are two-piece pressings, into which the respective functional parts and electronic circuits on printed circuit boards are installed. The handset is solidly connected to the base by a spiral cord.

Technical parameters:

  • Operating voltage 16,8 až 32V
  • Maximum ripple of the supply voltage at 24Vjs 8Všš
  • Maximum standby input power max. 1W
  • Maximum input power at full load and excitation 170W
  • Audio line UIC1,2, symmetric, isolated
    • Symmetry min. 60dB
    • Nominal input voltage at f=1kHz 2Vef
    • Input impedance in 100Hz÷8kHz range min. 10kΩ
    • Nominal output voltage 2Vef
    • Loading impedance >200Ω
    • Frequency characteristics in 100Hz÷8kHz range ±3dB
    • Announcement microphone preamplifier equiped with a limiter 2Vef, max. ±3dB
      • onset time constant τn =0,1s
      • offset time constant τo = 1s
    • Harmonic distortion before limitation <2%
      • in limitation <5%
    • The signal/noise interval at a short circuited input >60dB
  • Telephone line UIC3,4 symmetric, isolated, image impedance 600Ω
    • Symmetric >50dB
    • Nominal input voltage at f=1kHz, Rg=600Ω 0,775Vef
    • No-load nominal output voltage 1,55Vef
    • Frequency characteristics in 300Hz÷3kHz range ±3dB
    • Harmonic distortion without a limiter <2%
    • Harmonic distortion with a limiter when awaken by a microphone +15dB <5%
  • Remote turning on reception pair UIC5,6 and priority pair UIC7,8
    • Input voltage U56, U78 17V÷33V
    • Input current I56, I78 at 24V input voltage <5mA
    • No-load output voltage U560, U780 >22V
  • Input for an car radio
    • Nominal input nf voltage adjustable by a PGM potentiometer 0,3Vef ÷3,1Vef
    • Overmodulation of nf input at output distortion ≤5% +15dB
    • Input impedance >10kΩ
    • Switching voltage on clamps 19-23 10V ÷ 28V
  • Internal sound distribution output
    • Power supply for the amplifiers 23V±1V
    • Amplifiers´ power supply maximum current I14 6A
    • Nominal output nf voltage U15 2Vef
    • Load impedance ≥ 200Ω
    • Frequency characteristics in 100Hz÷8kHz range ±3dB
    • Harmonic distortion <3%
    • The signal/noise interval at a short circuited input >60dB
  • Automatic regulation of U15 output voltage for amplifiers from the noise level (A)
    • under 74dBa -6dB
    • over +80dBa/ then over +74dBa
    • over +86dBa/ then over +80dBa
    • sensitivity of the noise microphone adjustable by user in the range ±10dB
  • socket for screened inlet of the 8-pole socket according to UIC568
  • socket for a portable signaliser, inlet uninsulated, protected by a limiter
    • nominal input voltage 20mVef
    • output impedance of the signaliser ≤200Ω
  • protection against a short-circuit of all outputs
  • protection against the reversal of poles of the input voltage up to 80V
  • protection of the supply line against overstrain of the supply voltage nad 36V
  • construction centrally paneled
  • connecting the switchboard with WAGO clamps
  • a gong function as a source of test signal
  • operating temperature –30°C až +60°C
  • dimensions in mm: v=330, š=140, h=134
  • weight without accessories 3kg

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