Volume regulator of the broadcast RHR02

Designation and function:

The REGONIK RHR 02 volume regulator of the broadcast (reducer) is designed to control the volume of the program channel of the Train broadcasting system REGONIK VRZ , that meets the conditions of the international UIC 568 standard.

REGONIK RHR 02 regulator is an active, 12-positional switch, that creates 10-graded undirectional CONTROL control voltage on its output for VCA in REGONIK RZW23 controlled amplifiers output. With an incoming PRIOR signal for forced listening, the output voltage reaches its maximum. Step changes of the control voltage do have a graded transition with an enough long time constant, so that the volume switching is pleasant, without interfering events in the whole adjustment range. There is a RHR volume regulator in the OZW23 compartment output amplifier, integrated into a joint unit with a voltage amplifier. It is used to control the volume of broadcast in common areas and in large-capacity carriages.

Technical parameters:

  • operational supply voltage 24V undirectional from an isolated transducer
  • input power without load 0,5W
  • output voltage 11 levels from 0,07V to 4,5V
  • 12- positional switch without an end position
  • range of input of voltage for an active PRIOR min.2,0V max.32V
  • secured protection against a short circuit on output
  • secured protection against reversal of the poles of the battery up to 80V
  • enhanced endurance against damage
  • isolated PS shaft of the switch L=40mm long, it is possible to shorten it at need
  • operational temperature -30°C to +60°C
  • size h=120, w=75, d=40 without the shaft of the switch
  • weight 0,3kg without accessories

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