HVAC systems

Comprehensive deliveries of high-performance heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems suitable for any type of new passenger carriage and for modernising older model wagons. Temperature comfort controls are provided in accordance with the UIC 533 and EN 13129 standards and verified by RTA Vienna testing.

HVAC systems for rolling stock

We provide proven and comprehensive rolling stock HVAC system deliveries for years. Focus on specific technical design level in the implementation of all projects and the resulting solutions are characterised by a perfect match of complementary technological processes.

Operational reliability
Time-tested solution epitomising the benefits of combining high performance units with proven micro-climate controls in the wagon itself
High cooling/heating performance
Modern technology with sufficient excess capacity ready to face down contemporary climate change and large temperature swings year-round
Custom-tailored solutions
Every project is the result of detailed analysis and an industrial design from the hands of professionals with years of experience

Roof air-conditioning system

Roof air-conditioning system

  • Modern air conditioning solution for multiple units (EMU, DMU) with compact USK7 roof-mounted cooling units for the driver's cab and USK30 for the passenger compartment.
  • The principle of forced flow of conditioned cool air is used, which is conditioned in the air conditioning unit and distributed in the existing ceiling duct using the thermodynamics of the flow of falling cool air.
  • The air conditioning unit is designed for 2x 32 kW cooling capacity per railcar and the cooling capacity is designed for the Central European climate zone.
  • The PMR4009 controller automatically controls the air conditioning system and ensures temperature comfort and air quality.
  • The air conditioning system is independent and has no influence on the original heating and ventilation system.
  • Standards: UIC553, EN14750, EN13129, EN50155, TSI

HVAC controls

The modular automatic heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is perfect for all models of new passenger carriages and represents a truly professional solution for modernisation projects for older wagons; one of the advantages of using our system is its potential integration with existing air conditioning units in less intensive wagon refurbishment projects and the preservation of existing HVAC units. Air conditioning control solutions are always customised to the customer’s needs.

A new generation of intelligent HVAC solutions is able to effectively deliver comfort to passengers based on defined parameters (temperature, CO2 level, pressure, humidity, etc.).

Timely identification of problems
Maintenance services are informed immediately when a malfunction occurs, which allows them to instruct train personnel immediately
Less wagon downtime
Maintenance time and spare parts are reserved and ordered before the wagon reaches the maintenance shop
Maintenance cost-savings
Precise diagnostics and predictive troubleshooting

Programmable controllers/regulators PMRxxx

Programmable controllers/regulators

The PMR controller is specifically for use with passenger carriage air conditioning systems per the latest UIC 553 specifications. Modularity ensures the controller may be configured to match the exact configuration of any passenger carriage.

  • intelligent air conditioning controls
  • real-time monitoring of humidity, pressure and air quality (CO2)
  • historical data
  • convenient on-site diagnostics via a web interface
  • remote diagnostics via a web interface and a 2G/3G/4G + GPS connection
  • communication interfaces: RS232, RS485, CAN, ETH, USB, I2C
  • EN 50155, STN EN13129 compliant
  • In addition to the bus connection to the superior-level information system, wagons equipped with our controls may be added to our autonomous predictive diagnostics system or the operator’s diagnostics centre

Download specification of PMR40xx in PDF

Analogue regulators ERKxxx

Analogue regulators

The electronic ERK heating controller is designed for high voltage contactors used with electrical resistance heating elements in Bh series passenger carriages after operational modification of heating controls.

Operational heating control modifications permit:

  • replacement of obsolete and inaccessible relay control elements
  • replacement of hard to access, expensive and fragile mercury switching thermometers
  • increase the reliability of control systems and their resistance to vandalism
  • improve the overall level of control, which increases the temperature comfort of passengers

HVAC peripherals

HVAC peripherals

Ancillary control system input/output devices and actuators.

  • temperature, humidity, pressure and air quality (CO2) sensors
  • servo drives
  • modern sub-panels for passenger / train personnel control with integrated navigation section with LED lighting

Download specification of ZPOS in PDF
Download specification of STKV in PDF